Still Waiting on my Free month of XBOX LIVE

So I was not to sure where to go or who to email, cause Iv looked and theirs no real info on who I should be messaging or emailing about it, But its the 20th of Feb and Iv still not gotten my message about my free month of xbox live for playing online matchmaking on MCC during the said dates of 11/11/14 to the other stated date. Iv tryed to message 343 directly but have had no answer. Im not to worried about the month seeing how I renew every 12 months but I really want to know if Im getting the Nameplate/ODST/Relic once they relese. If I can get any help it would be much thanked. My Xboxlive Is Filter Space.

If you don’t already have the nameplates and avatars, then you should sens a message to B is for Bravo with the details and he contact the team to sort that for you. If you have twitter, you can send Brav a tweet. If you do have the nameplates and are just looking for the free month then don’t worry, it’s still rolling out to everyone so you should get it soon. No need to contact anyone. Quite a lot of people have been posting recently about recieveing it, so it’s definitely still on-going. if you have any other queries, I posted an FAQ in the main MCC forums that should help you out :slight_smile: