still waiting on helioskrill

been about a week now. how long does it usually take?

Had mine day one. Wouldnt know

it should be instant no? I took a break from H5 to get the armor and I’m only 3 missions away. I have read a bunch of threads about people not getting their armor and it seems like if you have everything unlocked in the game with achievements AND waypoint and it will unlock. If it didnt unlock, I would check back and see if you have all the mission achievements and everything on waypoint. For me, the Ark achievement in H4 took 24 hours to unlock but I got the “done…unlocking” message under it. If you dont have that most likely you’ll have to play those missions again that didnt unlock. An other issue I read with some people was the H4 Legend achievement and the Lone Wolf achievement. The first one you need for the armor, the second you dont, but if you did play through solo it should of unlocked. Definitely check your stats page and your achievements.

Also, did you happen to TRY THIS

I just completed the legend achievement last night and I got the armor instantly…definitely check to see if you have all the achievements and everything completed on waypoint.

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Try checking to see if it is in the customization menu of the spartan lounge. It appeared for me there right away, it was weeks before it was available, when I looked at my inventory. I could equip it from the customization menu, but it still showed locked in the inventory.