Still waiting for them to fix these problems...

Motion Tracker Range: 18 meters is not optimal for Halo 5’s sandbox, especially is Free-For-All. Motion Tracker range has always been 25 meters, and that was in games without Spartan Charge. You might find Spartan Charge less annoying if you could see them coming from further away; with the 30 meter range you had for the Motion Tracker in the, Spartan Charge was not an issue, for me at least. At the very least, the tracker range should be increased to 25m in Arena, like it was in EVERY PREVIOUS HALO GAME.

Voting System: Why is this not in the game? I’m tired of playing randomly chosen gametypes and maps. It would also breath some life into playlists that are all-Slayer; we could choose between different Slayer variants like Slayer BRs, Slayer DMRs, Slayer Carbines, Classic Slayer, Halo 2 Slayer BRs, and the like. Being limited to just the standard AR/Magnum starts is making the game rather stale.

Warzone Firefight Respawn Timers: For God’s sake… Get. Rid. Of. Respawn. Penalties!!! They add NOTHING to the game, and only serve to make WZFF more frustrating. No one likes staring at a death screen for 30 seconds. The hordes of hyper-lethal ridiculously accurate AI enemies don’t help matters.

Set GEN2 Bodysuit color to BLACK: No one likes running around in colored underwear. No one. We’ve been asking for this since Halo 4… if you can’t give us a Tertiary color option to change our Spartan’s bodysuit color, at least set the bodysuit to be all black by default. Colored underwear ruins the look of the classic armors like Mark IV and all the armor that came with Memories of Reach. Also, give Osiris team’s armor (Hunter, Copperhead, Technician, Helljumper) the unique bodysuits they have in the Campaign. They look incomplete without them.

Make more permanent Social playlists: Not everyone wants to play Ranked. Add a Social FFA playlist with Forge maps; the regular Arena maps are terrible for Free-For-All. Social versions of Team Slayer and Team Objective would be welcome as well. I played 9,000 games in Halo 3, and most of those games were in Social playlists. Furthermore, Halo 3’s Social playlists always had more players than Ranked… even when Halo 3’s Social playlists required paid DLC. So I’m definitely not alone in my preference for Social.

You missed playable elites.

Also I’m gonna drop this thread here. Make sure you keep your scout hogs and mongeese

Agree with everything except motion tracker range. Spartan charge should just be removed. That is the only problem with the motion tracker, but it doesn’t need an increase in range- use your ears, callouts, map awareness etc to fill in the blanks. I love sneaking up on people not paying attention to these, and it would be spoiled with a motion tracker buff.

Overall good post though.

Motion tracker range - I agree, it’d be better if it was longer. The spartan charge is annoying and cheap.

Voting system - disagree. I like it the way it is, we get a good variety of maps. I hated it in older Halos when a map I wanted would get voted out, just to play the same map I played last game because it’s popular.

WZFF timers - yeah the respawn penalty really sucks. Especially when you’re in the last round, 1:30 is left on the clock, several AIs spawn all around your vehicle and blow you up in a nanosecond. Then you wait 30 seconds, which gets the remaining time down to 1:00, but it spawns you across the map, and you sprint to the base, by the time you get there there’s 10 seconds left… pointless.

Don’t care about armour.

Social playlists? We have Warzone(x3), Griffball, Infection, Breakout, Action sack, BTB. I think there’s plenty of social, especially for a competitive shooter.

I for the most part disagree on all points. The radar is fine, even with Spartan charge which I see seldom get used much in arena. 18m is a compromise between no radar and social radar. It’s more of a “heads up someone is close” tracker which makes it less of a crutch. FFA should get a boosted 25m radar I do agree.

No map voting is fine. Less polarized maps.

WZFF respawn timer is fine. It’s annoying, but necessary.

I’m indifferent toward under suits and more social playlists. More gametypes for action sack would be cool, but dunno about other playlists. Under suits I don’t really care either way.