STILL waiting for that specialization code...

This is just 343’s reminder that I along with SEVERAL others have not received our specializations codes. So here it is one more time:

Yes played since the release
Yes over 18 or whatever age it is

Please and Thank you

Give it up already. Not trying to be a downer but it’s just not gonna happen. MS isn’t going to send them out anymore. They don’t care that they screwed up.

They want us to give up and go away, some of us refuse to do that.

So I bought this game after release (Maybe since some people have to work for extra money they cant buy every new game on release)yet I guess I will never get past level 70 without fishing more money (which I don’t have) to them. Thanks a lot 343. Guess I’ll sit at 70 and complain.

Also still haven’t gotten my codes. ms, 343, and this game all suck.

I have an extra code I’ll just pm it to you

Should really just make an official thread that is exactly the same as theirs. People are still posting because they haven’t gotten this code, and they need to know what to post.


Christ…when will you all learn?

You aren’t going to get a code.

You WILL be able to access them once everyone is able to. Get over it already.

So that’s about a month from now when we have our specializations. That’s great. Wonderful.

No. I will not “get over it”. They screwed up. They need to make it right.

i just reported them to the bbb this crap just isn’t cool i couldn’t even download my new maps when i was supposed to even thou i bought the war games map pass. It’s just if we’re going to pay money for a product then we should very well get what we paid for and no half -Yoink!- ish!–No-Spec-Code–Thread.aspx


I bought the game a week after release and got my code.

Huh… I think MS screwed up.