Still Waiting for Classic Support

Hey guys, never get replies but still trying.

I’m wondering if anyone else is waiting for a Classic playlist(s). I got bored of uncompetitive gameplay, and have been playing Skyrim over Halo 4, but I would gladly go back if a Classic 4 vs. 4 playlist was added to Matchmaking.

Is anyone else surprised 343 hasn’t added a playlist like this yet? I thought they said there would classic support from day one.

Yeah, they said they’d add one. :stuck_out_tongue: I had a great idea, but like most great ideas, it got dragged down under the complaints. I believe I have a link to it somewhere. I’ll edit this post to have it.

EDIT: Here it is!

Yeah, still waiting for it. Hope it gets added soon :slight_smile: Can’t wait!

Still waiting for halo 4 to become a succes…

Besides the classic slayer,in my opinion what this game needs is a ‘Classic’ Big Team Slayer playlist, identical to the one in Reach.

No infinity weapons, no custom equipments, and no mantis. I can’t stand infinity slayer because vehicles, and specially warthogs, are useless. Everybody can have from the beginning plasma grenades and a plasma pistol, so if you are in a warthog you will be killed in less than 30 seconds. And with so many powerful weapons, all types of vehicles are doomed.

Many people like this new infinity slayer, but I’m sure others think that this gametype has altered the game itself, the way we play. So please, to have everybody satisfied, infinity and classic playlists.