still sound problems

I´m still having sound problems after second patch.

unbelievable stuttering and crackling sound , anybody has the same or has a solution.
win10 amd 12 4 core 2,5-3,6 mghz 12gb ram with r7 265 graphic card 2gb

stil lnot possible to play multiplayer or blitz also :frowning:
what an absolute disappointment this game is since the beginning.

anybody else plays the game with a radeon R7 2 gb graphic card and has a solution or maybe similar problem ???

Similarly, I have also experienced a stuttering sound during Blitz mode 2v2 gameplay. With the latest patch to Halo Wars 2 on PC (USA) when I pan the map to view my opponents’ units through the fog of war there is a loud stuttering sound. When I pan the map away from my opponents’ units the sound stops, but when I pan the map to view my opponents’ units again the stuttering sound resumes.

gameplay video:

gamertag: rhrmn
region: USA
platform: PC
pc specifications: i5-6600, 16GB DDR4 2133, GTX 1060 6GB (driver version 378.78)