Still seeing ppl running into walls on multiplayer

I have 50 download and 10 upload and still haven’t problems with lag in multiplayer! The -Yoink- is -Yoink!- me off because halo 5 is the only game I’m having lagging issues, seeing ppl running into walls and and not responding, but some days it works flawlessly and others it ruins the whole day with lagging and cutting out, tried to play co op campaign with my friend today and wouldn’t stop lagging! Fix this problem already!

Sorry for being blunt, but what EXACTLY do you want them to do about it? There are thousands of other players in the game at any given time, doing just fine and not having any lag issues at all. You even said it yourself that the game can run fine for you on some days. Due to the two statements above, it’s not the game that is the issue it’s something on your side. I can’t say for sure What, as I’m not in your home and able to troubleshoot each piece of it … but for starters I would go to when you see the lag happening and check your connection. It could be dropping from your ISP (for any number of reasons) and that will be your first sign. If you get good results there, then I’d make a direct call to your ISP and ask them to help you troubleshoot connection issues to the Xbox Live servers (they may know the IP’s or you can find them yourself).

In any case, asking for 343i to do anything about it is just silly. It isn’t their problem.

Seems like Warner Cable has problems. Not everyone but it’s a known issue but both sides just blame each other.