Still no word on desync really?

Havent followed this game for months so correct me if im wrong, but wheres the talk of fixing desync? Absolutely insanse that we’re coming up on a year since launch and it recieves no mention from 343, not even on a roadmap. Honestly they could suddenly turn around and start churning out quality maps and gamemodes nonstop and it wouldnt be good enough, just because of the desync. Getting the game functioning properly should be priority #1.

Absolutely wild that 343 is just silent on it.


I imagine that they won’t really mention it until they figure out how to fix it.

I would guess that they still don’t really understand what causes it… Or more likely there is fundamental issues there that need a complete rework to fix.

They did address it in the video. At about the 8.50 mark.

They didn’t mention desync per se - but Sean acknowledged that the game is not performing as expected. People are seeing different things. It was one of their four pillars.

The acronym they used was “UCN” - but I’m not sure what that means.

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According to Ske7ch in another post, UCN refers to devs that work on the game’s networking.

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the said they’re not working to fix it as of now

I’ll be standing in one spot and then literally be teleported 15 feet to the left and fall off a map, or appear around a corner, have a grenade teleport in from another room and damage me, have my rockets deal no damage, deal no damage melees, have target sensors disappear instantly… but hey at least the “core gameplay” is good. I’ve never had that luxury.

Game feels very bad the majority of the time, despite all of my internet specs telling me it should be okay. Its like that for my friends too. They won’t even touch the game.
They’re enjoying Destiny 2 right now and so am I. Actual content.

First game back getting shot through walls and around corners constantly. I had to give up I just couldn’t take it. Blows my mind that the game is in the state it is. This is Halo. It’s just so baffling. What happened?

I wonder this too. Maybe it can’t be fixed. Maybe this is just the wey the game is.

They are likely to address it before March 2023, its simply a complicated issue for them. Underlying network issues aren’t easy fixes unfortunately.