Still no way to turn off A.I.?

I really do like the idea of the A.I. models, but I just don’t like hearing the non stop chatter and how Jeff Steitzer takes a back seat in the announcement role. For consistency’s sake, I’d like the option for there to be only one announcer. Maybe have Jeff be one of the selectable A.I.? Or have a way to deselect any A.I.


Turn voice to zero. No more A.I.

That’s not a viable option as it turns down all voice audio. There’s no option to just turn A.I. voice off.


I want this too. Allow me to turn off the AI voice only. Still want medal announcements.


I support this suggestion; between Steitzer, the A.I., Spartan Agryna, & Spartan Chatter, it feels like you’re constantly hearing a cacophony of voices in Infinite MP Games. Trying to disable Spartan Chatter in the settings still doesn’t work fully consistently, much like the stupid speed lines option setting didn’t at first in Infinite either.

I turned it off. My ears are much happier without the constant distraction.

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This definitely needs to be a thing, I’ve hated these stupid ai from the first moment I played a match of infinite. There is a workaround however, and that’s to simply delete your equipped ai voice files from your game directory.


I personally enjoy my Ai talking to me during engagements but I’d like it more if 343 would fix the Ai voices as their once again stuck on Butler Ai which instead of my currently selected Ai which is Iratus.

When I play I set the voice volume to zero. I’d really like the option to have an AI that does not speak at all so I can turn the voice volume back up.

I might settle for an AI that gives very plain announcements. Stuff about how the flag is somewhere or the objective did something or the rocket launcher respawned is useful. I’m glad you can get this information without the AI as-is though.

I couldn’t agree more with this! I just want to hear The Chief!!! (I’m also okay with hearing another announcer if I pick that and they have that option but I just want to hear the announcer)

Personally, I find the AI pretty annoying for the most part. I’m sure another 2 to 5 years there might be an option for this…maybe Ranked Team Slayer will be in by then too :roll_eyes:

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I don’t like tha AIs at all, they talk way too much, please let us turn them off

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