Still no team..

Been playing since halo 2, i dont think im pro, but i refuse to play with random teams that cant get kills.

I like objective gametpes more now since it adds something to being able to get a lot of kills and control of power weapons. mainly oddball untill KoTH comes back, i do still like playing slayer specially with a good team. i started doing forge too i made Turf, lockout, working on beaver creek and midship. so im in custom games when i can fill them up.

to summ it up

i play a lot at night
i play objoective/4v4-6v6 slayer…no BTB
i get a lot of headshots
rarely go negative
but im playing for fun

looking for people to play some solid halo with, if you have a bad over all K/D i dont care.

Add me.

If you’re looking to join a regular team to play, you can check out the Squads in our clan.

Each of our Squads focuses on different aspects, so you can find one with whatever flavor you are interested in.

Check us out at our clan homepage.

Hope to see you there soon!


I have joined a clan and its done nothing for me im not signing up on any forums again lol

Our clan is much different than all the others. Most clans end up with 100 members all thrown into a pot, and you never actually get a chance to start playing with and getting to know your fellow clan mates.

With Xe03, you will find that once you’re part of a Squad you will have much more to do. You can usually find 2 or 3 of your Squad mates on, and anywhere from 10 to 20 of your clan mates, if you want to branch out.

Our clan isn’t just a Forum, like other clans tend to be. We custom coded our entire community site, and only use the Forum to allow players to chat around. If you wanted to join, and then only ever posted once (Req’d to keep the 4k spammers a month at bay), nobody will get upset or kick you out.

Also, our clan gives our players the opportunity to be more than just a player. After a few weeks of being active, if you want you could start your own Squad, and be your own leader.

Xe03 isn’t like other clans. Don’t bash it til you’ve tried it :wink: