Still no squad dlc stats :(

It has been a few weeks now, and still there are no stats for squad DLC on both Halo Waypoint and I have checked many times.

It is possible to see them by messing around with the url on, and by going on halotracker… But it is an official playlist and it shouldn’t be hidden the way it is.

Squad DLC is the ONLY PLAYLIST that does not show up on and halo waypoint. Even bungie day, flaggstravaganza, and BTB all stars have stats!

I have a 100% win percentage on that playlist and I would like my friends to see that when they look me up because I am proud of it. So 343, please put stats up for that playlist soon! I have been waiting for a while.

Plus if someone would like to see their K/D, weapon kills, medals, etc… They should be able to do it the same way you could on any other playlist.

If someone could explain to me why there are no stats for it then that would be appreciated.


I seem to be literally the only one that cares about this. :frowning:

Who cares about the loldlc playlist? It has AR starts on highlands without title update settings.


Apparently either 343 or Bungie didn’t quite cover all of their bases when 343 added the Squad DLC playlist; it doesn’t seem to actually exist as a playlist in their playlist collection.

I can give you a snapshot of your current performance within the Squad DLC playlist.

61 games
787 kills, 348 deaths (2.26)
7 Assassinations (.11 per game)
0 yoinks (nice!)
3 sticks (0.05 per game)
1 betrayal (0.02 per game)
61 wins (gees dude…)
Tool of Destruction: Plasma Pistol (412 kills)

Just kidding. DMR, 294 kills.