Still No PLAYLISTS!?!?!?!?

This is one of the main things I believe this game needs to survive, and quite frankly there is no excuse at this point for no new playlists. Whether it’s social or ranked. They say it’s not easy to make a social list but we’ve had weekend playlists and things so I believe that’s complete crap. There is absolutely no solo que so a social playlist (4v4) would be perfect.
im patient with the updates but gagging to wait yet another month is unacceptable. Yeah I know we have warzone but after 20 games of warzone assault it becomes boring. tgey can use forged maps in the social stuff I don’t see why this hasn’t been added yet. It blows my mind!
This is the biggest issue to me, this is something this game is dying for… Literally.
Does anyone have thoughts on this or any info regarding playlists?