Still no ODST code

I still have not received my code for ODST. I pre-ordered the game, pre-downloaded it, attempted to play it for the entire first month and then gave up; so according to the compensation FAQ I should be eligible. I have contacted xbox online and phone customer support and they both stated that they have no knowledge of an ODST game code. How do I get my code?
GT: SPARTANguardian

Hey there, to be eligible for the compensation you needed to have played while connected to Xbox Live before December 19th of last year. I tried to check your service record there, but it doesn’t show any data for MCC. If you didn’t play while connected to Xbox Live, unfortunately you wouldn’t be eligible to get ODST for free. If your privacy settings mean your stats don’t show but you did play before December 19th, you’ll need to post over on one of the Xbox Support forums.

All the details you need are in the MCC FAQ link in my signature (also stickied at the top of the MCC forums). Hopefully that should point you in the right direction, or answer any other questions you might have :slight_smile:

According to your profile on and on Halo Waypoint, you haven’t played MCC at all, or any other games despite having 25k+ gamerscore. I’m guessing thats just because of privacy settings.

Your code would have been sent to you in a message from Xbox Live on your Xbox and Check both.

If you don’t have a code, I think its pretty cheap. If you are signed up for Xbox Rewards, you probably already have some rewards money saved up on your account if you ever bought any game or DLC digitally with a credit card.