Still no objective playlists?

Like many of you, I bought this game to be my definitive Halo game. This was going to be the last FPS I bought. I suffered through the bugs like everyone else and stayed patient. And then, the one thing I didn’t think I would need to ask for, still isn’t here. Any form of a Team Objective.

I don’t mind slayer, but I prefer strategy with Objective. Any game I start, Slayer either wins or gets the default vote. I’ve played one objective game since it’s release. For the last month, I’ve checked in every few days to see if they’ve added it. When I see they haven’t, I’ve logged out

I get adding SWAT. I get having one for each of the Halo’s. But there are 10 playlists now and none of them are Objective. It’s just a shame to me.

And I know I’m not alone on this. 343 took a great thing and has just ruined it for me. It’s sad

instead of giving us what we wanted. doubles , snipes, obj. They gave us hc.
Guess it was just easier for them to make a hc playlist