Still no luck finding BTB matches (AUS)

When BTB was first released, it was working perfectly. Late December arrives, and some sort of matchmaking tweak made it virtually impossible to find any BTB matches here in Australia. It has been since late December 2015 that I have been unable to find ANY big-team matches. I can find Slayer matches in less than a minute, but every single time I search BTB that same error pops up saying that there aren’t enough players available.

I feel like I’m getting nowhere with this issue. I have posted about 6-7 threads about this issue, and haven’t received any reply, not one. 343 Industries please help me with this issue, because I refuse to believe it’s an issue on my end when other Xbox One games work, even better, when other playlists work. I have waited long enough.

I made an entire thread on Halo 5 section with more than 100 replies speaking about those “servers tweaks” aka “region locked servers” or, as I love to call them, REGION TRAPPED SERVERS.
Hope that they will answer us soon because even for many EU players the situation is becoming unbearable.