I know there are/have been issues with the DLC but I’m wondering if anyone has a fix or know about this.
I purchased the limited edition pack and redeemed all the codes in the pack (including the war games one). However when I have come to download Crimson map pack its saying I need to purchase it. The matchmaking screen states I’m missing the DLC but when I go to the marketplace either through the Halo 4 menus or XBOX Marketplace I have to purchase it.
As far as I know Halo 4 is up to date (it says version 1.02.01). The code I put in from the card has given me the skins/emblem etc but for whatever reason no access to the map pack.
Any ideas please?

Go to “marketplace” in Halo 4’s menu and get it from there :stuck_out_tongue:

lol cheers but I’ve already tried that

Might want to go in your download history and redownload the Map Pack Pass then.

It wasnt there but I’ve downloaded the map pack via someone else’s gamertag and when I signed back in to the Halo 4 menu it then gave me the choice to download it to my profile??? Either way its worked. Thanks again for your help