Still no BR starts?

I quit Halo 5 about a month after release, realizing that the changes that needed to be made weren’t coming. I decided to take an extended break until today. I decided to get on and see what had changed and to my surprise (Sarcasm), It’s still the same BS that we had from the beginning. No BR starts, Spawn killing galore, Unbalanced weapons, and Microtransactions. I’ve come to the conclusion that 343 doesn’t care what we want, they will do as they please to make more money. Halo is dying and I’m actually excited. I’ve been a die hard halo fan since H1 and have never had a bad thing to say about the game until now. I hope this franchise dies with H5. Thank you 343 for ruining the fond memories we once had of Halo.

Br starts have become obsolete, the magnum is a small powerful singlw fire weapon that creates a bigger skill gap.

People played with BR starts for 13+ years, we absolutely deserve our own playlist. I was excited to play V-Day BR starts playlist but the settings were so awful I didn’t even get to enjoy the BR starts.

I don’t even know why I come on here anymore, no point in complaining. 343 will do whatever they want and just when I think they can’t screw up anything any worse, they find a way to.

RIP Halo. Time machine or bust.

Different time, different game, different starting weapons

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> RIP Halo. Time machine or bust.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks