Still no aim assist options

Please 343 can we some aim assist options? Its just a really basic feature. Were almost 9months in and still not even a mention😕


I agree. The game should have launched with proper aim settings including aim assist options.


I really don’t know what 343 are doing on this go around. I really love the game but i can’t actually ENJOY the multiplayer portion because of it. Really frustrating


I’ve heard they are working on changes but no ETA on a release.

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Where has it been mentioned that they’re changing the AA? Not doubting, just wondering where so I can read on it, haven’t cared much about this game in a while.

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Hey ontareo, what kind of options do you mean to potentially include?

I have a few thoughts from across the gaming sphere that you may mean such as:

  1. provide AA red reticule “glue” adjustments based on field of view changes
  2. leave AA glue range as standard value regardless of FOV adjustment
  3. Be able to turn AA off on controller
  4. Provide actual changes to AA values on weapons that align with older halo games
  5. Tangent - create an acceleration curve on movement so max walk speed takes time to reach.

Really where did u hear that?:eyes:

Ok cool thanks man, hopefully they come through with something

Looool i wasn’t expecting that🤣 maybe all the above.
In particular the AA i want personally is slowdown aim assist when you are near a target like traditional halo, and others FPS out there. Not entirely sure if thats helpful?

Short of “turning off/on” aim assist, I’m unaware of “AA” tuning settings in previous Halo titles, or any mainstream FPS title for that matter.

It seems like tuning it would be taking an accessibility mechanic and turning it into an unfair helping hand.

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For aim assist? I know MCC had 2 aim settings where 1 is classic (legacy titles) and the other was called modern. I don’t believe that changed aim assist itself tho unless it actuallly did?. It seems like a strange thing or…idk…a hard thing to implement. I feel like we’d basically be choosing to have a little more a little less at that point somehow. Idk…sounds like it would cause a storm on these forums tho

I wouldn’t say as much tuning as i would say options. Loads of fps games have aim assist options lol. Previous halo’s never had options, But it did at least have the slowdown aim assist. Infinite aim assist only keeps in when your reticle is on target, but doesn’t slow down around it

Wouldn’t that make it easier to use controller? Don’t get me wrong, I play controller myself. But this game is in such a horrible position for M&K players, that giving aim assist around targets would be the final nail in the coffin for M&K.

Also, why make it an option? Everybody would turn it on, because you would be putting yourself at a disadvantage if you leave it off.

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Unfortunately i don’t really have any real care for M&K lol. Halo has been on console since inception. Further more, every other halo had slowdown aim assist near targets(along with many other fps games). But thats why we should have options, not everybody plays the same. Not sure if your a call of duty fan but if u check out the aim assist options and such on there u will get a better understanding of what i mean. I don’t think anybody is at a disadvantage if we all have the option to choose what works for us.

Exactly :slight_smile: If the platform is now agnostic and Halo is on everything, that does not change the required peripheral to get the best experience!

PC players don’t push KBM for racing games, fighting games, flying sims, but OMG it is a shooter so it has to fit their expectation. They cannot wrap their heads around it, and they won’t even choose to be happy that their “odd” KBM peripheral is even being supported for this game.

Tall call: WASD need to GTFO! on-off switches don’t allow for gradual movement and are a hinderance to game developers. You can’t play Super Mario 64 (well) on KBM…