Still no AFK kick timer?!

Why is there STILL NO AFK KICK TIMERS!? I’ve had 2 games in the past 10 where I’ve had half my team afk! One game was where the 2 just decided to walk away from their controllers and did NOTHING! The most recent game had the 2 just spin in circles the entire damn game! I absolutely hate that the person who LEAVES in this situation is the one who is punished, but the afkers just get nothing! WHY?! Why is there an Idle timer in the lobby that kicks in at a minute, yet absolutely nothing in the actual match? Going idle in the lobby shouldn’t be the only timer!


Agreed. There definitely should be an in-game AFK Timer.

Implementing an AFK timer would address part of this issue since. But what about those players who just keep spinning throughout the match (I’ve seen XP farmers doing this, and shouldn’t be allowed). Detecting an actual AFK player in these situations could be tricky.

There is an AFK Timer, but it can easily be circumvented by players who wrap a rubber band on the thumb stick or run a macro of PC. Why they AFK boggles my mind.