still looking for a halo reach clan

nothing over 60ish members

must be active with gamenight meeting clan battles and squads

laid back and chill

I got 5 friends who will join with me, check out my stats im worth the time to recruit because im good i know how to work as a team and ill bring 5 of my friends

sounds cool right?

entertain me in the space below with your responses or inbox me

Dropshock Brigade has about 75 members. We can be just as fun as 60.

We are small. We started the clan a few weeks ago. We spent a long time making sure that the organizational structure was solid so that the clan could easily promote from within and always provide balanced leadership.

We are a Halo clan and our focus will be Halo 4.

The Spartan Force

Yea, you should seriously check out Dropshock Brigade. Great community and a very good structure that includes squads or “platoons” that are VERY tight knit. If you want some information, then go ahead and PM me, or Affliction.

I am building a clan to cover all aspects of Halo: Reach. I need some dedicated players like you and your friends to make it into something great. I play nightly and would love to have you and your friends make events and keep The Infected online as often as possible. If you’re interested, please check out my site.

pretty sure I responded to your first thread, but I’ll do it again. The 251st are very laid back and enjoy just having fun, but that doesn’t mean were not good. we do weekly gamenights and forging competitions, and are looking to add more activities. currently we have 56 members, but if you are wanting a smaller clan because you want to know everyone, only about 15-20 are the ones who are extremely active. Now is the perfect time to join up because we’re going through some reconstruction.

If you’re looking for a mature, skilled community, check out our thread here →

Your friends would have to apply individually themselves, though.

You can join mine(<-----I did that on purpse) clan DDHGaming, well its not just a halo clan it plays more than just halo, but I am interested in having new members, we also do videos and crap like that so if your interested just msg me on xbox… xxXXF4LLENXXxx

105th Division Website

Take a looksee at our website. We’re a division of ODST 's that enjoy partying up and makin nubs rage quit before the game even starts. Lol if u have any questions message me and i’ll letcha know whats up