Still having ingame progression saving issues.

Post patch still having the occasional problem where I need to complete a campaign mission several times to get credit for them. See service record:

I have completed Forerunner on Halo 4, got the achievement, service record shows it is incomplete. I will have to redo this one eventually to get “complete all levels in X on X difficulty” achievements.

I have completed Reclaimer on Halo 4 as well, no achievement, no service record, ingame did not recognize it. Have to redo the entire level because checkpoints are wiped after completion.

Update: Beat Reclaimer four times now. Still no progression update. No skulls are active. Not using rally points. Start to finish and it is not giving me credit for completion nor achievements. The mission select screen shows that I have completed it, however both the in game tracker and xbox achievement app do not show credit for completion, they are still locked. And my service record on site is not reflecting my completion either.