Still have "Done Unlocking" achievements

Getting a tad fed up of these broken achievements. A particularly obvious one being find the 28th Audio Log in ODST, if i’ve unlocked the 30th then obviously I have all the others. I’ve tried every method mentioned to me thus far to fix this but no joy so far, and is it just me or are 343 particularly good at hiding themselves away? Haven’t been able to find any contact info for them.

i have a legendary achievement thats been “done unlocking” for at least 6 months

Yea I have Halo 5 now but I just started doing campaign for Halo CE and have been unlocking a lot of achievements but a lot of them I have completed and they have not registered i must have beat assault on the control room solo on legendary 5 times now but it says I have not and I did not get the achievement come on 343 you are better than this.

I completed assault on the control room again this time the achievement unlocked maybe i had skulls on.