Still getting DC’d at least 50% of the time.

The same problem I had last summer is apparently still unresolved. If this is already common knowledge/ many threads talking about it, I’m sorry, but how am I still getting booted & sometimes banned for just playing the damn game? I just want to play. I fully admit that I’m not great, but still getting booted from at least 50% of my games.

when you get booted does it say connecting to new host then go to a loading screen until the match is over? because that is what keeps happening to me. I’ve been searching the past 2 hour to find a solution but nothing. keep updated if you find a fix.

I have this issue as well, I got stuck In a “leaving Matchmaking” Loop before I was able to play 3 minutes of a 4v4 Slayer match in Halo 3 and then having the lobby disconnect all players and Now I too have a “quit” penalty preventing me from playing

So I got a new Modem from my internet provider (Spectrum) and I no longer disconnect from matches maybe look into that.