Still feel bad about complaining

Like most people here I’m sick of people complaining and complaining myself but this game still feels rough.

Last night I brought my 360 to my fire station and me and my crew had a blast playing halo 3. The downside in this is I realized just how sweaty Infinite is. Like SBMM just throws this whole game off (yes I know the servers are offline for 3 and playing against 3 guys doesn’t set the best example) but going from that to the new event is like driving into a brick wall at 90mph. Getting to the challenges it really kills the team work aspect especially in the new event mode. Most people are worried about themselves and solo queuing is a nightmare because you’ll get waffle stomped. Add fuzzy melee, crossplay constantly enabled and a quite frankly weird TTK that because more noticeable after playing other games. I just feel frustrated more than anything and just don’t have fun.

And don’t get my wrong I appreciate 343 listening to us and making fixing BTB their priority as it’s “half” the MP and lowering store costs, even though I’m still not satisfied, but we don’t really have any other info from them or concrete stuff. Yeah the holidays just ended and everything has to go through a vetting process before being posted but it’s so frustrating because there’s a fantastic game here but it’s fumbled like a Mark Sanchez hike.


No SBMM won’t fix this. The entire game is designed to be a sweat fest. Halo 5 was no different but at least that game wore it on its chest proudly. This game took a lot competitive things away but left in the core sweat fest that is Halo 5. People out here breaking their thumbs to Sprint slide everywhere

I’m not saying SBMM is fixing the game I’m saying it’s hurting it. I don’t want to have to play the mega and do all this other fancy strat stuff to have fun. Yeah I can play against bots but when almost every challenge to get any sort of progression is tied to PVP there’s no point.

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What I’m saying is if they remove SBMM it won’t fix it. It shouldn’t be in the game in the first place but removing it won’t do anything.

Well. That’s how the game is designed. You have to do all the fancy strat stuff to be effective. They should’ve returned to classic and make the competitive mode where you have to do all those strats

Everything is Ranked

But the game shouldn’t rely on strats to be fun. I get there’s always been stuff like that( grenade and crouch jumping) but focusing on pro stuff and ignoring us casual players drives people away. I haven’t touched R6 in like 2-3 years because of ubi catering to pro league. And not saying that’s the case here but this ultra competitive stuff ruins the fun for us who have full time jobs and either can’t play all day or be streamers.

Basically if you played Halo before or don’t have your eyes closed you’ll be ranked in Plat/Diamond or higher in every playlist including social, then you’ll play with Diamond/higher players all day yay it’s so fun when nobody loses!

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You are 100% correct. The game shouldn’t rely on that stuff. I ask for two spereate playlists that play different and people go like “oh that would be creating two games”. No. Halo needs a competitive playlist that relys solely on strat stuff. The rest of the game should play like classic Halo with no Sprint.

I thought the whole point of splitting up Social and Ranked was so people could either just play the game to have fun or could try and gain a higher SBMM Rank.

Go be sarcastic somewhere else. If you read any of my posts I’m not saying I want to win every game but when I come home from a 16hr day or want to play halo on my only day off I want to have fun and not feel like I’m in the HCS.

I’m actually on your side, I don’t think you got what I meant. SBMM is trash and it’s especially apparent in a new playlist like this when you have 0 game played in it.

I basically just told you how it works.

Without SBMM, you’d either go 50:10 or 10:50. How is that “fun”

Ah my bad then

@GusTank04 thats happening anyways there’s matches where I drop 20 kills with 3 deaths and then I get 5 kills with 15 deaths. SBMM is trash and there’s no good reason for people to defend it.

You can’t blame SBMM for people who aren’t trying to win, they’re just going after their challenges. If you want to complain about something, THAT is the problem.

Except I can? To my knowledge everyone is “trying to win matches” except for challenge people and kids who just got the game. The whole point of the “social” category of these games to relax and have fun not create playlists that are sweatier than ranked. And I did blame people for challenges.

i mostly play ranked. Dont like the AR/sidekick starts. This game is missing a good close range weapon to tighten the skill gap and give people that halo 3 feeling again and bigger radars are needed too. I honestly think casuals will enjoy bullddog starts with a bigger radar. Even I would enjoy that because I dont want to just keep playing sweaty arena even though I like to play it.

Another thing halo 3 does better is equiipment. Theyre not amazing but they do a good job at stopping maps from getting repetitive. When someone throws down a bubblesshield or regen field its always an interesting new change to map flow that affects everyone plus its cool to feel invincible.

You just disagreed with yourself, lol. If everyone is trying to win matches, how are they relaxing and having fun?

None of my games are sweaty except for Attrition. The rest are just casual and simple fun. Almost all of them are close and not lopsided, making for a fun experience all around. It’s boring when you’re just curb stomping the other team and totally not fun when you’re getting curb stomped

Except I didn’t? You can still win a game without sweating just by playing but all these games are filled with people who want to grab clips for their twitch that 4 people watch. And you must not play a lot of social game modes then because it’s all a sweat fest.

I have 300+ matches played, about 50-60 are not social and 80% of those non-social games are customs

Edit: Just checked, 67 are custom, I have played 299 matchmade games, 10 are ranked since I only played enough to be ranked. So I’ve played 289 social games

It’s not SBMM that makes Infinite sweaty. It’s the design decisions that they have made. It’s the power of the AR, and reduced radar range. It’s the Sidekick and the how strong genades are. It’s the pressure that you feel at all points of playtime because you have no idea when/if you are going to start getting shot at, and when you do get shot at you have little to no way to retaliate. It’s the undersized maps and horrible spawn system. Halo Infinite is a bad game, sadly.