From what i can tell on the forums a team snipers playlist’s been live for a little while… and i still haven’t got it? wtf is this -Yoink-??

what game?

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> what game?

what? all of them? what do you mean what game haha.

Halo 4?

What about my question did you misunderstand? Since you didn’t answer me I’ll just assume you wanted to know about Halo 3 on the 360.

Halo 3 Snipes is still up as it always has been and it requires all dlc.

Shut up Nismo you smart–Yoink-, Reach and H3 weren’t even 343 so obviously he isn’t talking about those.

The snipers playlist is in H4, but hopefully die to the positive feedback it’s been getting TMCC will get one as well.

Actually both Reach and Halo 3 got their final updates from 343, not Bungie, and they still have control over the online content of these. Reach just had a small update back in August. And I’m just replying to him in the same tone he replied to me. Considering I saw that he had posted in the Halo 4 Team Snipers feedback thread, then starts a thread complaining about MCC, then starts this thread, which game he was asking about was a real question.