Still didn't receive anniversary items?

So I’ve been playing for past few days, and Ive tried everything but I still haven’t received the anniversary items. I got the visor today but I didn’t get any emblems, shaders etc. I can’t even find a way to reach out to support about it.

Am I the only one still with this issue? Has anyone solved this yet? Really wanted the chief helmet with weapons.

I was able to get the anniversary skin for the AR by just going into AR customization. It looked like the skin was locked but when I clicked on it It unlocked right away and I could equip it. No idea about the armor.

I keep checking just in case, I didn’t get any of the rewards. The only thing I can think of is the setup stage got -Yoink!- and what customization I did prior to it freezing reverted. But even then I didn’t have any of them.