Still crashing on PC

Still crashing on Steam, 343. Apparently there were some crash fixes but I dont think I got those in my update file? Or do I have to pay for them?

That sucks, wonder why it is so bad on PC and why it is so hard for them to fix it? They’ve been having loads of PC issues since launch and people are still experiencing it.

They are definitely prioritising Xbox players I think. I know most players are on Xbox so it makes sense but you’d like to think they’d be able to sort out the crashing issues and hardware compatibility.

I’ve seen a lot of users say it’s better than launch. But any frequent crashes is still bad imo.


Do you happen to have razer chroma installed? Are you AMD or NVIDIA GPU?

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I’m still getting crashes to desktop too. I opened a ticket, but I don’t even get anything in Event Viewer or Problem Report.

On Steam or Xbox App?

What platform do you play on? I had fairly regular crashes on the Xbox PC app but I have hardly any on Steam. May just be anecdotal but it seems very different between the two.

Same, very disappointing.

I’m playing on Steam.

Interesting, so I was crashing to desktop a lot with Xbox App which is apparently cause by an issue with the app itself and not the game. I have never crashed using steam.

Tried the game on both platforms but Steam is my primary. Both platforms will crash.
My Specs:
NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
16GB Ram
450gb SSD and 2TB HDD
Asus B450 Prime Motherboard
EVGA SuperNOVA 750w G5 80+ Gold Power Supply
LG 27GL850 Monitor (144Hz, 2560x1440)

Now I have played Halo Infinite on 2 different GPU’s and also 2 different PSU’s.
I have completed multiple memtests, GPU and CPU benchmarks, used HWInfo to monitor my temps etc and no problems with all of those. I have ran Halo Infinite on both my SSD and HDD but still having a problem. I have played the game both in low settings and ultra settings but still crash. I have played in a lower resolution but still crash.
Updated windows, drivers, uninstalled high res textures, disabled steam overlay, verified files, updated C++, double checked no Overclock software, clean install of GPU drivers using DDU, cleaned out my PC from dust, ran virus scans, disabled antivirus while playing and even tried something I dont know if it does much but I read somewhere that closing the Dumptool under Halo Infinite in task manager can help as well. I also make sure I’m not running anything but Halo Infinite and Steam when I play.

So yeah I have basically tried every possible thing, there may be something else I have done but missed putting it in here. I have submitted tickets but it doesnt do much really. It really sucks because I love Halo and this caused me to take a 2 month break from the game but here I am after the update hoping it was fixed but nope.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

Did you try this? AMD is notorious in Infinite I’ve read. I haven’t crashed since January on PC and I just have an MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop

I attempted what it suggested but I dont believe my hardware supports XMP so it would make that fix null.

Do you happen to have razor chroma installed?

I think I’ve had one crash out of about 40 matches since S2 launched. And fortunately, it was not in ranked. Better stats than before.

I used to and I did play Halo Infinite when it first released with it installed but havent had it for months now that I use Logitech

Okay, I know it was causing crash issues and I believe it still is. Though if you don’t have it installed I’m not sure what the issue could be.