Still can't play, a few people have this bug

So it’s been about 4 or 5 nights since I was able to play. I’ve Scoured across google and the bug FAQ for answers but I only ended up with more questions. That and I’ve only really seen a couple people post about this but it’s not as bad as what’s happening now. Basically I can’t get into any type of wargame, do campaign, or play SPoPS. It will put me into a lobby but as soon as it starts I get to the loading UNSC logo then I get sent back to the main menu.

After following the instructions here on the site I attempted to install the game to my drive but I get the unreadable disc error, yet there are no marks on the cd. The game also installs and plays fine on my friends console. I tried all the other games I have and they’re fine so I don’t think it’s my console.

I would love some suggestions before I have to go and buy another copy.


Be careful about buying another copy . . . if it’s the servers than it could be gamertag exclusive. Even if you buy a new copy, the problem might not be fixed.