Still cannot play the flight

I finally got my messages on waypoint however one message says that I have been selected to play on PC through the Microsoft Store with a link that just takes me to a page that “doesn’t exist” so no steam key. Also I got another message saying I could play on Xbox but after following the steps it just said that the game needs to be updated but I have no way to update it or even download it. Sadly I’m not sure I’ll be able to play this flight at all.

I am having similar issues. I have been selected for a flight on Xbox (I received an email invitation) but the link through halowaypoint just takes me to either a broken link or to one that says I haven’t been invited this flight. I also have a message through halo waypoint from 12 hours ago that’s says I have been accepted to a PC flight for halo 2.

Same issue here, hopefully this gets resolved

Hi. I was worried also, but check this out

> The build and the associated download instructions are scheduled to be pushed live later today - 343 are tentatively looking at sometime this afternoon, which is currently slated for sometime AFTER 12pm PST [8PM UK] (this is an estimated time, not an exact drop time). The exact timing may vary so please make sure to keep an eye on the Halo Twitter account the #halo-news channel on the Official Halo Discord server for further updates.

Posted 3 hours ago here:

I was also invited to the PC version of some flight. I am opted out of PC flighting so I am going to ignore it, I suggest you do also. I don’t understand what you mean by you have no way to update the game. I suggest restarting your console and trying again. I would need a little more information to help you further.

For PC flighting you go to your Halo Insider Profile. Go under My Flights and you should see additional info. Use the additional info in Steam. To do this you have to go to add a game in the bottom left of the screen in Steam, press activate a game and then enter the additional info.