"Still Alive" Lag Parody.

Well, this is a Parody of the “Still Alive” song from Portal. Inspired by the horrendous lag I get whenever I play pretty much any video game online.

Not sure if anyone cares to read it, but I might as well.

Recommend you listen to the Portal song “Still Alive” before reading just to get a better feeling for it. There shouldn’t be any spoilers in the song that I’m aware of, and I apologise if there are.

Well… here we go.

Geez this is laggy.
Right when I’m trying to do my best.
I can’t even complete a single action.
Wow this is crazy.
It even lags, when I try LAN.
Now I try to grab a flag
And suddenly I am dead.
Well there’s no sense tryingp; that would be a mistake
You just keep on shooting me like it’s cake
I’m just trying to have fun and maybe unlock a gun
But every time I shoot you, you’re still alive.
I’m starting to get angry.
I’m still lagging right here, right now.
Look at me jump over you, and you still kill me.
You tear me to pieces.
It feels like I don’t even fire.
And another grenade goes right through you!
No, don’t mind me I am doing just fine.
Oh look, still lagging! Another horrible time!
Even though I try to learn
Man, I still crash and burn
While you people run, still alive.
Go ahead and leave me
I think it’s just to go outside.
Maybe someone will come back, and kill you.
Maybe I’ll get yah.
That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance
I wish I could play the game, but do I have a choice?
Look at me still lagging, when I’m trying to shoot you
When I aim at your head man my bullets go through
I’m just trying to have fun but you guys get to run
Oh look at that you’re still alive.
And when I shoot you you’ll be still alive.
Oh look I hit you and you’re still alive.
How about this shotgun? Guess what, still alive.
Maybe a sniper, nope you’re still alive.
Even a rocket and you’re still alive!
still alive

And that’s what happens when Silent gets bored :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, better than I would do. Although it is a bit forced at times.