Still a little worried

I have been a little bit worried (like many people) about some of the new additions to halo 4 that will “allow players to choose their play styles”. I’m just worried about if there will be anything that can completely break the game just because it wasnt tested enough to tell if it’s a game breaking mechanic (armor lock comes to mind).
this video makes a good example of how a game can easily be broken

a lot of us are very uncertain about the new Promethian vision AA, but remember, 343 is still fine tuning it. besides, it only seems to work in team based games in close quarters maps because whenever I see someone playing FFA, I imagine they’d be more focused on the several enemies already in sight than some that are around corners.

so 343, I like what your doing, but please make sure there isnt anything game-breaking.

343i is just adjusting halo 4 just not to get always the same game over and over. Please people, accept the game how it is. If 343i wanted to keep halo 4 as halo 3 i bet most of the people give up and play call of duty

Are you?

to be honest, i want to be worried, but i really can’t find a reason to. I can’t really see any of the abilities being game-breaking, promethian vison is just like a more defined radar that lasts for like 10 seconds. I don’t even care about abilities in general, i’ll be playing a MLG only once it comes out, and in there probably won’t even be any abilities.

But it seems these days that all of us fanboys just want to see halo to be back on top, because we’ll be playing it regardless of game-breaking abilities. I think that everyone here is more worried of what the gaming community will think of it than anything, hell thats what im worrying about. I’m sick of cod being on top, that game is so stupidly easy to be good at, i can pull a 2.5 k/d in like 2nd prestige (i can only make it to 2nd prestige because the game is so boring) without a problem. Any person that pulls like 10 killstreak thinks they’re MLG material and become total -Yoinks!-, making their crappy clan on cod elite.

Sorry for getting on cod rant, i just really want halo to succeed.