Sticky Reticle

By Odin’s bristly beard, please disable sticky/magnetic reticle. It’s extremely noobish at best, and at worst, it is detrimental to gameplay. I popped a guy’s shields today on Ragnarok as he popped mine, and of course he activated the Hardlight Shield. I was scoped on his noggin, watching the shield slowly turn red, and just as it disappeared, an enemy Warthog passed between us, pulling my reticle off of him, giving him the kill shot on me. It was quite stupid and extremely frustrating, as it happens quite a bit. Either disable it, or give us the option to disable it.

A similar thing happened to me just last night; also on Ragnarok for that matter. I was in a DMR battle with a guy and it was looking like we’d end up with the killshot on one another at the same time, but then came a member of his team hopping between us and drew my reticle up and to the left which gave him the opportunity to get me. On the flipside, when I know I’m clearly in desperation mode in a SWAT match and my nerves get the best of me, I hate seeing the sticky reticle give me a kill when my hand-eye coordination clearly knows I hadn’t aimed in the right spot.

The worst is when you get a big group of players together and as they are all milling around, it makes it impossible to focus in on one.

It’s ludicrous. The game is over-riding my decision and telling me to aim Here while I am quite intentionally aiming Elsewhere. I can’t comprehend it’s inclusion.