Sticky Detonator

Hey guys, I just wanted to express my concern on the Sticky Detonator’s name. I was watching the MLG videos, and it is clear to me that this weapon - in the right hands - is a beast, and will play a big role in map control in the right instances. That said, its name seems a bit unwieldy to me. I was trying, and I can’t imagine myself saying, “Hey guys, going for the Sticky Detonator”. That doesn’t flow too well.

Well, then I thought about it harder, and I wouldn’t say that anyways - I always use shorthand callouts like, “Hey guys, I dropped Rocks on my X” (meaning the Rocket Launcher will be where I died) or “I see the Snipes up there on that building” (meaning I see an enemy sniper perched). So, that considered, I was trying to think of a shorthand for the Sticky Detonator, and I can’t. I was thinking of just calling it a Sticky, but that is both unpleasant imagery (“Give me the Sticky, man!”), and already taken by the Plasma Grenades. So I tried Detonator on for size, and I realized that’s the unwieldy part of the word.

So Sticky Detonator is just stuck in a bad place, in my opinion. 343 should officially rename it, or you guys should come up with a better shorthand version for me. Thanks for reading, guys.

-dude527 :slight_smile:

Agreed. Grenade Pistol was so much better
From the looks of it, it could have a greater blast radius/damage too
From what I saw, the guy attached it to his pistol. Hardcore

Would love to see Halo CE drop down from the skies, scrunch it up in the shape of a barrel, put it on the end of the pistol and it be a 3 shot kill again. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 shot kill. 8 shots in a clip. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about “det” or “SD” like the “AR”?

“SD” doesn’t sound too bad.