Sticky Detonator Radar

Does this weapon have a mounted radar that displays enemies within the radius of the stuck grenade? It looked that way in the MLG footage.


It had some kind of screen on it, but I have no idea what was on the screen.

on the screen, it has a motion sensor with a circle in the center telling you if the enemy is within blast radius. so yes.

yes, it’s a radar in the sticky’s point of view
this makes it easier to know when to blow it when you’re not looking at it

Thanks guys. This weapons sounds freaking awesome! (:

I only saw the gameplay with Neighbor. Was there any more clips from MLG?


I hope they’re keeping the grenade launcher. This new weapon looks aesthetically displeasing and pretty much a toy.

This weapon sounds great for defensive gameplay with all the attributes its been given. But I just know a week after the game comes out someone is going to have a montage of kills featuring this gun. Sticking people then getting a triple kill with it. Should be fun though looks like a neat little toy.

My fav new weapon already

I think it’s really cool if you can see if people are in blast radius. THat actually seems like a pretty good idea, but I can see people just camping and using this as a proximity mine or something, I’m sure it has some kind of counter though.