Sticky Detonator on Haven?

is it just me? the icon is there but i cant pick up?!

Good, so it’s just not me then…

me too… noticed this in the Team Regicide playlist, not sure about others.

I was playing on Team Regicide yersterday and I noticed it. I checked under the marker and there was the half of the weapon drop IN the roof. Looks like it’s glitched or something.

Yeah, every time I played Haven today the icons were glitched.

Its been like that for me for a couple of days. Makes me sad thinking im going to get a triple kill then…Yoink

Needler is also having the problem. I’ve had it since I the playlist updates.

Yeah, it does that to me too.

On other maps, I sometimes get it to where everything has the Spartan Laser icon.

Funny, I was just playing my bro and his co worker on Haven. The Ordinances where like ghosts. They stayed here the entire time, with no weapon being visible. I’m like, there is no sticky det right there.

> is it just me? the icon is there but i cant pick up?!

Same - either the icon is permanent, or it says they’re Spartan Lasers. Shizzle’s glitched, yo.

I really wish they would fix this. I miss my sticky detonator kills!!

I’ve encountered the same dealio

Happened to me too