Steel Tempest Recruiting Anyone

We are currently a small group looking for anyone that just loves to play Halo. If our group takes off we will eventually expand into making a website, twitter account, facebook page, youtube channel, etc. Casual gamers are welcome as well as Competitive players. we currently have 2 members (Myself and DistortedSix) who are looking to put together some competitive teams as well as an HCS team. Mic is preferred but not required. Ages 16+ only please! send me a message on Xbox with any questions or further details. I hope to hear back from you all soon!

GT: ManyDoorsEddboy

A bit about myself, I am 18 years old and have been playing halo since i was 4 years old. I remember the first time playing at my uncles house when i was about 4 years old and immediately loved it, I’ve grown to love it even more to this day. I always play against my friends and kinda irritate them because they have a hard time beating me unless they all team up and rush me in force lol. I play lmost every night and throughout most of the weekend so im always available to play. (EST) Steel Tempest would love to have you aboard!