(Steam) your account is not authorized

Hi guys, can someone help me or explain to me if Í’m getting something done the wrong way when I log in?

By the end of the last multiplayer session on the second flight I started to get a message saying that my account was not authorized to play halo infinite, even though the flight was still on and people were able to play customs against bots. Now I’m trying to get in to the 3rd flight and I’m getting the message.

Yes, I was registered on halo insider since before sept 13
Yes, I got an invite for the second and third flight
Yes, I was able to play normally at the beggining of the second flight
And I even got an invite code for a friend for the third flight

Can someone help me? THX

Yes so the servers are completely shut off for the flight until tomorrow unfortunately. Don’t worry i had the same issue and a support person said its going to do that until tomorrow.

The Halo Infinite Technical Preview is now offline, but will return on the evening of September 30th [PT]. A specific time has yet to be announced. There is no need to delete or uninstall your build.