Steam only having halo reach and halo1

I been at this for about five house so im pissed. I got the Master chief collection off steam. Only halo reach was installed. I beat the game. Then I went to steam/ Library/right click on halo/properties/DLC/ and saw that only halo reach was cheeked. I checked off all the other game only halo 1 instead. The rest are checked as installed but to the right where it says status it says not installed. So I want to the the game page where you purchase it. Scroll down to content for this game there was only the 2 that instead. Holy crap I found it. So if anyone else is as dumb as me I tell you. There releasing one game a month. At least that what it look like so halo 2 Collections coming out or should of came out in April. Most like got push back because of World circumstance. So hopefully next May they will have a new game out.

Hey OP, it’s always been the plan than games would release one at a time on PC. Development started a while back with the first public tests rolling out last year, culminating in Reach’s release in December. Halo 2 will indeed be the next game to release, release date not confirmed yet but flighting has just concluded so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

As this isn’t really a support request I’ll close off this topic.