Steam Key Already Redeemed

I was pretty excited to try out BTB next week but it seems like I’m out of luck because when I went to redeem it on Steam it told me that the key has already been redeemed, I triple checked, the message was sent to me 14 hours ago, which means it’s definitely for this flight, and I quadruple checked that the key was being copied correctly, just seems like somehow my key was brute forced or something. Unfortunately it seems like 343 is pretty stern on their unaltering of flight invitations so it appears I’m going to sit this flight out. Unfortunate.

I got the same error. I believe they said they’re working on getting us new codes

Hey man you arent alone it looks like they had some issues with old keys last night. They are aware of it, but best to make a ticket anyways.

I have same problem. If 343 can fix this issue by re-send codes how will they know who has this error?

343 are aware of issues with duplicate/invalid Steam keys and will be addressing this.

Please see my post here and follow that thread for further updates:

<mark>For anyone dealing with the duplicate/invalid Steam code issue - please file a support ticket on the Insider Support Site:</mark>