Steam Game Launch Problem

Got my Steam Key through HaloWayPoint.
Downloaded the game through Steam
Every time i click the play button, the game starts at a black screen with 3 dots in the top left hand corner of the screen then this happens every time:

game_Release.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I’m stuck at this point, any ideas what the issue might be?

(PROBLEM SOLVED. I just updated my graphics card drivers through the Nvidia GeForce Experience App. My new Driver version now is 471.41 for my Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. Waiting on black screen with 3 dots can take a while sometimes but always pulls through to title screen now. Hope this helps someone)


I’m also having this same issue.

I fixed it by moving my installation to my main drive instead of my external.
Something weird about WIndows Firewall maybe?

i get the same issue, game opens (apparently is loading) hears menu music > crashes. thanks 343

I too can report the same issue. I don’t have it on an external drive.

Tried moving the install folder to my C drive and it’s just “infinitely” stuck on the black loading screen with the 3 dots in the top left corner. Besides the irony in that poor joke I am also having this issue with the game launching on steam.

Same issue. Its on an internal harddrive but not /c

i literally came to post about this, glad i’m not alone lol. i’m currently downloading the game again, to test if it’s help or not.
edit : i fixed my problem with moving the game on ssd and updating the graphic card driver, now 0 problem, by the way i have 3070.

Same issue here, currently redownloading in an attempt to reinstall.

same, 3 loading dots and it exits. great test! well worth the wait! /s

Ok, so I left it to load went and took a shower, and did a bunch of random stuff it finally loaded into the menu. The load times are pretty long if it really takes about 20 minutes.

lucky you, mine just sits there on the 3 dots for about a minute or so and then quits to the desktop.

The loading takes a few minutes for me, then the menu music starts and it immediately crashes without warning. Once I’ve even seen the title screen for a few seconds before it crashed. I’ve installed it on an internal SSD, but not my main drive.

This sucks…

3 Dots on my PC. Installing on My Series X as we speak. Hopefully I have better luck.

finally loading…very slowly.

I can get into the main menu and do weapon drills, but when i try to MM i get the black screen with the three dots for about a minute to 2 minutes then kicked to main menu.

Same three dashes loading screen and crash as everyone else. Is there a fix coming or what??

I also have the same issue as you guys. Black loading screen and simply quits after a few minutes. I have it on my main drive (ssd) and am running on an i7 4790k, gtx 970 and 16gb Ram if that helps.

For me, after launching Halo Infinite on Steam, a black loading screen appears with three dots in the upper left, but then the game crashes once Halo music starts playing after a few seconds while still in the black loading screen.

I am getting this crash report: “halt information: TDR (HR=0x887a0005, Breadcrumb: <Breadcrumbs Disabled>): The GPU has hung, crashed, or been removed. Please look at TDRBreadcrumbSummary.txt for more info.”

I have a 970 GPU, and it seems like most people with this issue have the 900 series as well.