Steam Crash Fix for those with Razer.

Good morning Spartans!

I understand all too well the frustration that comes from beta tests and tech previews not going according to plan. Have faith!

For those of you who are using a Razer Synapse device that has an RGB controller, I solved my crash issues as previously…game would take a while to load, and randomly crash. Looking at my bug report ->cog wheel->properties->local files->browse->crash_report->crash_info ; mine came back with a few weird items in the thread ID including a few of these:
00007FFF49813912 RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF49813912
00007FFF4981347D RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF4981347D
00007FFF4981468E RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF4981468E
00007FFF49818A74 RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF49818A74
00007FFF49821745 RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF49821745
00007FFF4982008A RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF4982008A
00007FFF4981F863 RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF4981F863
00007FFF49815C3D RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF49815C3D
00007FFF4981560D RzChromaBroadcastManager64!0x00007FFF4981560D

Looking in synapse, I saw that the RGB controller was definitely working (syncing all my colors with halo infinite (definitely cool blue-white ripples on loadup). But I de-enabled it to test.

10x faster loading of the game, no crashing, and smooth experience. Hopefully my solution can help some of you!