Steam and Game Bar invites

One thing I took notice of during this last flight is how when someone on Xbox sends an invite, I will get the invite thru the game bar, but I still need to join in game instead because steam doesn’t interact with game bar invites. Will this be fixed when the game launches or will this be something steam players will just have to deal with?

I also noticed this on PC. We had to manually join via the in game friends menu when playing cross platform, trying to accept a halo infinite game bar invite from a friend on Xbox on PC would bring up a dialogue for unknown file extension, and when manually choosing the halo infinite .exe to open it the invite was not working.

I play Warzone with two of my buddies who are PC. I believe invites sent via Xbox come through as in-game invites for them.

Are you sure you didn’t receive an additional in-game only invite that popped up?

They just addressed this in the PC video released today. Invites through Xbox, Discord, and Steam are fully integrated.