Stealth update patch notes?

It’s clear that the game is getting updated almost every week to silently fix bugs or otherwise change things, that loading bar every time the game launches is also checking for updates. Here are things that I’ve noticed that have been introduced without any commentary over time:

  • Red Reticle on KB+M
  • Shooting fusion coils in the hands of enemy Spartans.
  • A UI update causing a rendering bug ~2 weeks back.

Is there someone digging through these to make note of what changed? Why isn’t there any visibility on these changes? It doesn’t make sense that there’s a bug fix that’s already ready that still needs certification for consoles when they have been pushing silent changes weekly (and potentially daily?) this whole time, breaking and fixing things in equal parts. Maybe I’m inattentive but the “Patch Notes” in the menu just dumps you on the frontpage of the site and doesn’t take you anywhere helpful at all.