Stealing the fun

One of my friends made a comment about fun stealing with the equipment.

We both go to run for the thruster pack or grapple and one of us gets it first. I made a joke. “Ohhh I’m stealing your fun huh” he goes like “yeah your stealing my fun.”

Idk about anyone here but equipment feels like a toy box. Limited amount of toys but a lot of kids. Each kid picks up a toy and some are left without any. It’s not a good feeling and that’s how it feels when someone else takes the equipment you wanted. This is why true eqaul starts like in halo 5 was cool because you never felt left out. You always had the fun right at your finger tips.


You are implying we should all have Grapple on spawn so we have equal fun. Be careful what you wish for, hahahaha

I do agree to an extent, though, I mean variants where everyone starts with Rockets are sometimes more fun than having variants where only one person holds a Rocket.


We need a grapple+swords slayer variant


Yes. I want grapple starts lol. At least as a playlist

Even Apex or Titanfall doesn’t have equal starts so it’ll be fun to see everyone start out with a grapple. It’ll be the first game to do it.

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I’d like to see loadouts return and be more customizable, but only in one playlist and in custom games.

I really wish they’d add a map or a few and a mode for grappling around while we’re waiting for Forge and custom game browsing.


Doubt it’ll happen. Muh pickups beat out the alternatives.