Steady decline of Halo Infinite

On Steam, it’s been dropping about half of it’s player base each month…

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
March 2022 6,335.8 -5,354.2 -45.80% 15,961
February 2022 11,690.0 -11,713.4 -50.05% 31,780
January 2022 23,403.5 -28,485.8 -54.90% 62,371
December 2021 51,889.3 -50,843.1 -49.49% 147,782
November 2021 102,732.3 - - 256,619

On Xbox most played games, it is now sitting at 15.

More people are playing Forza Horizon 5

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Judging by the metric that Xbox’s Most Played Games category uses (which is Hours Spent and amount of Users), I’m definitely seeing some sort of decline, but I’m not going to make the dangerous and likely incorrect assumption that their current numbers are on par with Steam’s.

Xbox houses a lot players and has Halo Infinite available for free on all of its machines. Moreover, the Xbox client tends to be fairly reliable, and doesn’t house as many issues as the PC version.

What am I getting at? I’ll go ahead and suggest that the decline is there on Xbox too, but it’s all double or triple these numbers with a shallower curve.

This is also interesting…

Forza Horizon 5 Steam Charts…

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
March 2022 7,310.9 -2,105.3 -22.36% 14,182
February 2022 9,416.2 -3,198.5 -25.36% 19,494
January 2022 12,614.7 -3,597.1 -22.19% 23,344
December 2021 16,211.8 -23,691.6 -59.37% 31,250
November 2021 39,903.4 - - 80,745

Not too far off from Halo on Steam, and Forza is a full priced game. Also currently being played more than Halo on Xbox.

Halo Infinite also had 5 million more players than Forza. They claimed Halo had 20 million and Forza had 15 million.

I’ve been saying this since January but ultimately was met with responses such as:


or that it wasn’t alarming the player base has been halving every month since release.

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will say regardless of statistical data being present or not, this is the quickest I’ve walked away from any Halo title.


I’m exactly the same. Even 343 titles that were controversial (to say the least) kept my attention longer than this game. I played H4 for months and H5 for 5k games. Couldn’t even force myself to play 1k Infinite matches before hanging up the controller.

I’m not going to challenge your perception on the Xbox playerbase and it’s corresponding numbers, but I will concur with the latter. Regardless of how its doing on either of these platforms, the lack of retention was (and still very much is) alarming.

(And I won’t lie, either. I’ve all but stopped playing the game myself.)

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When new content drops the numbers will go back up. It’s just a matter of what content drops that will keep some players around.

343 has a hell of a lot work to be done before infinite keeps a some what healthy player base, and inspit of what 343 thinks this F2p isn’t working out for them. They can’t even handle what little next to nothing at all of what content they added already.