Stay Optimistic: Season 2 alongside Certain Affinity development

A lot of people are complaining about Season 2 being six months until new content

But they forget Certain Affinity is simultaneously developing content.

AND we’ll have forge community maps

Dont get too pessimistic yet- things have a good chance of being great


I don’t really have a lot of respect for Certain Affinity, they’re kind of just an outsource developer that works on Halo, that isn’t the core development.

It’s weird. Until now people griped about CA. Now, people are championing them.

Dunno’ why!

Ive been always been a fan of CA


Probably because the only times Certain Affinity had some failures was when they made CoD Ghosts’ multiplayer and multiplayer DLCs, which didn’t result in a multiplayer that fans wanted since it was more teamwork based rather than “you all happen to be on the same team, just go ham” that Call of Duty is known for.

Other than that, their releases of DLC content packs and their works on making the core multiplayers of CoD World at War, Doom 2016, and Halo 2 Anniversary have been pretty successful and well made.
They literally have a satisfaction rate of easily 90% and up when it comes to their works.

I dunno what gripes people have had with Certain Affinity before other than CoD Ghosts.

Here is a link to show their current work history and upcoming work history :

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