Stay off my tank!

Want to know what the most annoying thing is in game modes that feature Scorpions/Wraiths? Those noobs that try to jump into your gunner seat while you’re shooting. Not only does this result in a betrayal (or if you’re lucky, a kill for the other team) but it causes completely avoidable damage to the vehicle. When I get a Wraith or Scorpion, I am a beast on the field (like anyone with some modicum of skill) but I really don’t need derps jumping in front of my vehicle while I am engaged. Have some common sense and don’t jump in front of the big gun shooting death every second. If you want in, wait until those pesky Spartans/Elites are all smoldering corpses.

Last time I got onto a tank was about 4 months ago.

Yeah I really don’t play BTB/invasion.

It was the saddest thing. I had the Spartans pinned down, their Warthog destroyed as soon as it left the shields (I actually laughed because I blew it up the second it left the hangar. I thought “How dissapointing”). I achieved a Killing Frenzy and was on my way to having the best K/D (having not died at that point) when some fool jumped in front of me when I was firing shots into the building. Major damage and was finished by a couple of grenades (which wouldn’t have killed me otherwise). It was all downhill from there.

Yeah it’s almost always the teammates’ fault lolz.

I was going for my perfection in countdown, had 14 kills 0 deaths , not camping, leading the team. I get on to this 1v1 and kill the enemy with my shotty, had my shields down and Bam! some guest comes and pummels me thinking I was the enemy. lol interestingly when I came back that guest was still standing there expecting me and had his head down as if he was trying to forgive his mistake. Shot him a couple of shots with my DMR and walked away.
Good times.