Stay away from playlist specific achievements

343 please don’t make playlist specific achievements or map specific achievements. Do you know how hard it is to get a Defiant or Anniversary map in Living Dead right now? Or a game of Invasion Breakpoint? Please learn from you past mistakes. Multiplayer achievements in general are usually pretty bad for the most part. If DLC map specific achievements are going to stick around please make it possible for people with DLC to find matches with others that have DLC.

I totally agree! Some of the Halo 3 achievements were so ridiculously dumb! “Get a double kill from the grave on Orbital” Really?? I never even get to play on that map. let alone get a double kill from the grave…

I like Multiplayer achievements. It gives you more replay value. I also like map specific. They were fun. But they need the map specific for the Vanilla game and not the DLC, and not ridiculous ones either. Also playlist specific are nice. (Eg. assisinate 5 enemies in one infinity slayer game)

I’ll be fine so long as they do not affect any gameplay aspect, like in H3’s armor that had to be unlocked via achievements, now that was awful since not everyone can get an overkill.

If they left out multiplayer achievements in general, I’d be totally fine with that. Some of the them are overly annoying and/or difficult to get.

I agree. Playlist specific achievements are downright idiotic. Especially when those maps/gametypes NEVER show up in rotation.

I played the Living Dead playlist for 3 days. Played something like 55 games. You know how many Defiant maps I saw?


Do you guys see the issue with these achievements now? They should AT LEAST be attainable WITHOUT having to go grab a “boosting party” just to snag it.

At this rate, it just be an achievement to SEE a Defiant Map in the Living Dead playlist.

POP! Played on a Defiant Map in the Infection Playlist. I’d consider that more of an accomplishment at this rate.

While we’re at it… Can we also get rid of HIGHLY CIRCUMSTANTIAL achievements as well? “Hit a player in the bank while jetpacking”. What? WHY? Now I have to go out of my way to do this? Oh, and it can also only be done in a SPECIFIC map pack. Awesome.

If you are going to make these things “highly circumstantial” can we at least have an “Achievement Playlist”? A place people can go to knock these things out before we head back to the ACTUAL multiplayer we want to play without having to remember the 30 odd multiplayer achievements in our head and to try for them when the opportunity arises? PLEASE?

That, or make them obtainable in a freakin’ Custom game. I’d rather have the playlist, but a custom game would work as well.

Then again, I’d really rather NOT have multiplayer achievements at all.

Why don’t they just make matchmaking with DLC better, or go Halo 3 style and make the DLC required after a while in certain playlists?

I agree.

At least manage the DLC better, so it wouldn’t be as hard to do playlist/map specific achievements.

DLC specific achievements are a pain because they are hard to find. It basically like adding a challenge on top of another challenge. If they were to make it so it is easier to get the achievements, then I would love to see more map specific achievements. but if is still difficult like in Halo Reach and 3, then I don’t want to see them ever again really.