Status of Watchdog?

I’ve heard that some people have their watchdog coatings already, but mine has yet to appear, and I haven’t seen anyone else with one. This applies to the armor coating and weapon skins. Very confused and worried. Can anyone clarify?

EDIT: Problem resolved. I got the Waypoint app and selected it from there.

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Were you sent a code you were supposed to redeem? I’d check your email and make sure you haven’t received anything.

Actually, I just viewed another post saying to get the Waypoint app and select it from there. I did, and it works. Problem resolved.

I really wish the skin looked like it did in the OG blog posted and not the muted mess it is now. kinda feeling like I got stiffed for all that game time.


Oh, definitely. It looks nearly identical to two other skins. At least we got the emblem, though. Why should that awful free HCS Winter skin be the flashiest?

Yea, I just want the skin to be the white, black, red, and grey that it was. As it is now…there is no white. Its a shame. The weapon skins are sick tho.

Yeah 343 needs to overhaul the skin back to what they originally showed us with the red visor included

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I’m not even particularly upset about the red visor since the Mark VII helmet didnt have the red visor. Its more or less the armor coating that i’m worried about since there is a red visor you can unlock that looks great.

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Yeah but they showed off a red, white a black coating for the armor and weapons.? I think it should include the read visor at least a shiny gold one like the two photos they originally showed off

False advertising at its best. That armor coating looks nothing like in the pictures. The gun skins are fine though. Too bad they are not for all guns and vehicles…

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How do you get this?

Grinding your butt off and supporting the hell out of halo 5 keeping the game from dying. Honestly it feels like a slap in the face with what they showed us we’d get to what we actually received.