Stats not updating

Hello, I don’t know exactly how I would get support for this. My issue is on The Master Chief Collection. My stats are not updating at all, for example. I want to change my clan tag as it’s stuck as “UNSC” in order to do that I need to complete 50 campaign or multiplayer games. It has been stuck at 4 for the longest time even though I’ve completed way more than that. Please if there’s any way that I can’t get this resolved thank you

Same here.
My wins have been stuck on 100 since the beginning of August.
Also my achievements for playing a certain number of maps and a certain number of game types has been frozen since then too.
My kills and deaths have not updated either.
Very frustrating.

I’m experiencing the same thing as well. I only started to take notice of it just a couple days ago and I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. My K/D, Wins, Losses and achievement progress are not updating whatsoever. I really hope they sort this out.

Same here, just as I started to get my KD up and games with tons of kills they no longer update.

Hey folks, this is a known issue that’s being tracked and worked on right now. See the comments near the end of this thread for an update from 343: